I think my credit card was charged, but I never got an order confirmation. What is going on ?

This happens on occasion with all internet merchants.  And of all the cases we've seen, in each and every single one, we can find the person's name and attempted order in our "abandoned checked out" bin in Shopify - meaning that the transaction did not go through.

What typically freaks people out, however, is that on their online credit card transactions statement may LOOK LIKE the charge(s) have "gone through" - when in fact all that has happened is your bank has authorized the charge to Shopify for Ss Brewtech.  

But until your order comes into our "completed" bin and out of the abandoned check-out bin, you will NOT BE CHARGED and the authorization will automatically "fall off" your card in 2-10 business days.  

We've seen probably hundreds of these and in every single case, for failed checkouts that had a card authorized, everything worked with the charge hold being released or the customer completing the order.

So please DO NOT WORRY.   If you want to complete your cart, please reach out to us via our Ssupport team. We can extract your failed checkout and send you a link to recover/finish it.  

Please note, that occasionally it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of ordering new gear and miss type your email address. If you can send us the exact amount you were charged and what time you placed the order, we can look up and correct the order so that you get the order confirmation and tracking number.

We can NOT DO CREDIT CARD OVER PHONE TRANSACTIONS sorry. We just don't have that option in our webstore.  

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