Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we will not ship internationally to individual consumers.  

We have developed this policy for three specific purposes:

First, the shipping costs alone are prohibitive to most countries and often times will exceed the cost of the product itself.  

Secondly, the abundance of time it takes to track down a competitive quote, and then relay the individual package outside our normal shipping channels.  

Lastly, we cannot effectively support international customers.  Although very rare, if the product was damaged in shipping or a part turned out to be defective; the time, expense, and energy required to either get the product back or ship a replacement would double our internal costs.

In contrast, we are trying to build a network of global distribution partners that can offer our products locally. This arrangement benefits you as the consumer and them as a distributor.

We already have distributors in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia, and Russia.

We are still working on a number of others as we speak.

To view our current international distributors ( Distributor Locator ) 

If you have a favorite local home brewing equipment outlet in your home country and they don’t carry our products, encourage that they contact us at and we can begin the distributor approval process!

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