How do pre-orders work?

Usually for new models that we are bringing in for the first time, we'll do a presale event where we notify those of you who signed up using the "back in stock" notification tool via email and announce a date and time that we'll open up a certain quantity of units for purchase directly on our site.  

We do this usually about 2-3 weeks prior to us actually having our hands on the inventory.  

This allows the more enthusiastic of you that are following our progress or new products to get the first jump on new products before they are available to the general public.  

It is not uncommon for new models to sell out in under an hour when we do these and we've had some pre-sales (and some pretty big quantities!) go in as little as 5 minutes before (like our 7 gal Chronicals and Half Barrels!)

But more recently we are just bringing in larger shipments from our manufacturer and trying to avoid that kind of craziness.

That said, if we announce a pre-sale to being at 1 pm on a given date, and you are really motivated to buy the new product launch/item  -then your best bet is to jump on as close as you can to the launch time up to the site to lock in your unit!

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