Inline Oxygenation Kit / Carb Stone FAQ


What is the difference between Inline Oxygenation Kit/Carbonation Stone?

There isn’t a difference between them as they are both the same stainless steel diffusion stones. They are just utilized in different situations. These can be called sintered stones, aeration stones, carb stones, oxygenation stones, etc, but they are all the same diffusion stones!


Does that mean I can oxygenate with my Unitanks Carb Stone?

Yes, but this is less optimal. The carb stone sits high in the cone and may not allow the wort below to receive adequate oxygenation over the course of the short time that you would apply oxygen. To truly achieve the correct saturation, you want to briefly oxygenate while moving wort over the oxygen-filled diffusion stone and then purging your headspace with CO2. This is why we offer an Inline Oxygenation kit in addition to the carb stone in the unitank.


Does that mean I can carbonate with my Inline Oxygenation Kit?

Yes, but this is less optimal. While the Inline Oxygenation Kit does use the same stone as the Carb Stones in our Unitanks and Brite Tanks, we do not specifically recommend using this orientation for tank carbonation. The Unitank and Brite Tank's carb stone in the body of the tank is in a better place for carbonation. Carbonation that happens in the body of the beer takes full advantage of the tiny bubbles' surface area in addition to eventual head pressure. Carbonating with stones outside of the tank like carbstone with their own housings or inline tees will naturally be less effective.


Where and how should I set up the Inline Oxygenation Kit in my process?

If you wanted to attach the Inline Oxygenation Kit to your Unitank directly, you can simply attach the Inline kit to a bottom valve. Oxygenation occurs as the wort is transferred and makes contact with the stone on its way to the fermenter. We do recommend filling the fermentation vessel from the bottom-up as is often done in a commercial setting. 

The basic orientation of a system using the Inline Oxygenation Kit would look something like

Boil Kettle > (wort chiller) > pump > tubing > inline oxygen kit > tubing > fermenter.


Do you have other articles on these stones?

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