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In this article, we will cover the basics of building your CIP setup with our CIP | 3" TC | Spray Ball for your Unitank, Brite Tank, and Chronical series fermenter! This will just cover the hardware aspects so be sure to check out our Clean-In-Place (CIP) FAQ and our CIP Example Process Guide for more info.

The standard spray balls are designed for use with homebrewing pumps with at least a 7 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate. Please note that the CIP | 3" TC | (Pro) Spray Ball is designed for larger pumps (17 GPM) and vessels 1 bbl and larger. See our CIP Sizing and Comparison article for more details.

Parts List

Keep in mind that this configuration is merely a suggestion, so by all means modify our solution to fit your own individual needs. We have just supplied a basic way to get the CIP loop accomplished!


Once you have the recommended parts on hand, begin by installing the Hose Barb | 1⁄2" to 1⁄2" FPT on top of the spray ball. Be sure to use PTFE tape on the threads before installing the fitting.

Now install a Hose Barb | ½” to 1.5" TC with a gasket and clamp on both the input and output sides of the pump.

Next, attach the Hose Barb | 1⁄2" to 1.5" TC with a gasket and clamp to the bottom drain/dump valve.

Place the Chugger pump near the fermenter. Run 1⁄2" tubing from the outlet of the dump/drain valve on the fermenter to the feed inlet of the pump. Make sure you have an adequate length of tubing to connect the fermenter to the pump and use a hose clamp on both ends.

Next, run a length of 1⁄2" tubing from the outlet of the pump/valve to the inlet of the 3" TC spray ball with the 1⁄2" hose barb on top. Again, make sure you have enough length of tubing and apply hose clamps to both ends. 

Your basic CIP system is now ready to run! Mix PBW or a similar cleaner to the recommended strength, and ensure that the pump is fully primed and your entire pathway or loop is open before making any electrical connections.

Again please use caution and read through the warnings above. These precautions will ensure safe operation while using dangerous chemicals, in addition to avoiding damage to your fermenters.

The Folks at Craft Beer Traders have a great setup video below


For additional questions please check out the following articles:

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