Sanitization FAQ

Please review dosage and disposal requirements for all chemicals before use. 

When should I use Star San or Chemipro San?

Star San is an acid-based sanitizer that has a foaming agent. This is designed to cover a larger surface area than just the liquid alone and is great mixed into a spray bottle for maximum coverage. It is also a no-rinse sanitizer that will break down into a negligible amount of sugars in your beer. Star San will sanitize a clean surface after 60 seconds of contact time. Chemipro San is a good substitute if Star San is not available in your region. Star San or similar sanitizers are not recommended for any recirculation or pump use.


When should I use Saniclean or Chemipro CIP?

Saniclean is an acid-based sanitizer similar to Starsan but without the foaming action. Use Saniclean for circulation sanitizing with a pump or other applications where foaming is undesirable. Chemipro CIP is a good substitute if Saniclean is not available in your region. Saniclean needs a longer contact time (at least 2-3 minutes) than Starsan and you need to use more Saniclean per gallon of water. 


Can I use Iodophor or IO Star for sanitizing?

Yes, you can use Iodophor for sanitizing. Look at the dosing requirements to ensure you have enough to make it an effective sanitizer. While it's safe to use in stainless steel, avoid long exposures to plastic parts or tubing as it will stain. 


Can I use OneStep or other cleaner/sanitizer combo solutions?

While you could use an all-in-one cleaner and sanitizer, we do not recommend them. By individually cleaning then sanitizing separately, you can verify that both steps are done completely and properly.


Can I use Bleach or other Chlorinated products to Sanitize?

No. Chlorinated Bleach or other chlorine products will cause irreparable damage to your Stainless Steel. Sodium Percarbonate without chlorine (sometimes known as oxygen bleach or Oxyclean) is OK for cleaning but will not sanitize.


What about the chemicals the commercial breweries use? What dosage should I use?

We don't find these necessary for use in homebrewing. Our gear will get clean without the use of those chemicals.  Without proper training, correct dosages, and protective equipment chemicals used in commercial breweries can cause bodily harm or even damage your Ss Brewtech gear. These are also less accessible than the safer products designed for homebrewers listed above. If you are a trained commercial brewer with access to these chemicals, you will already know the appropriate use and dosages.

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