What else can I use the Keg WaSsher to clean?

Can I clean Pin Lock Kegs with the Keg WaSsher?

Yes! You just need to pick up barbed Pin Lock disconnects to swap for the included Ball Lock disconnects.


Can I clean Carboys with the Keg WaSsher?

No. Most carboys do not have a wide enough neck to allow enough air passage (in addition to emptying cleaning liquid and the CIP ball) in order to prevent creating pressure in the carboy. We do not recommend pressurizing carboys.


Can I clean Sanke kegs with the Keg WaSsher?

No. Unfortunately, there is no quick conversion or adapter for the Sanke-style valve/stem. Additionally, these Keg WaSshers were designed for residential use only and are not comparable to $14,000 commercial keg washers needed to clean large quantities on a daily basis.


Can I clean Brew Buckets with the Keg WaSsher?

No. Out of the box, there is no way to clamp the Brew Buckets to the Keg WaSsher and prevent pressure from building up. This means you will not get an effective clean as the cleaner and air will not be able to flow freely. Additionally, the 7gal and 14gal Brew Buckets are too large to fit inside of a 5-gallon bucket. You could, in theory, use a larger container and create a stand for the Brew Buckets, but this is not something we support.

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