Sspunding Valve Sizing

What sizes do you offer?

We offer three different Sspunding Valves for use on Ss Brewtech tanks. Two are designed with Home/Nano Brewers in mind and one is designed for larger commercial tanks.

  • Non scaled version - Up to 2bbl tanks - (Does not have pressure indication markers)
  • Scaled version - Up to 3.5bbl tanks - (Slightly larger bore and pressure indicators)
  • Pro Sspunding Valve - Up to 20bbl - (Largest bore, built-in TC elbow, and pressure indicators)

What is the difference between the valve sizes?

The big difference in our Sspunding valves is the rate of flow they are designed to accommodate. Our Pro Sspunding Valve is designed to work with larger tanks, starting at 5 bbl and up to 20 bbl. The PRV in the Pro Sspunding Valves is designed to handle the large rates of flow that fermentations in this size of tank generate. The regular Sspunding valve is designed for tanks 3.5 bbl and under in size.

Can I use the Scaled/Non-Scaled Sspunding valves on larger than stated tanks? What about the Pro Sspunding valves on tanks over 20bbl?

The big factor here is the output flow of c02 during fermentation. Our recommendation would be to use a Spunding Valve that is sized correctly for the sizes of tanks you are using.
If you are only planning to use the Sspunding Valve at the end of fermentation, for natural carbonation or krausening, the smaller Sspunding valve on a tank over 3.5bbl might work, but we do not recommend it.
The larger bore and PRV orifice on the Pro Sspunding valve is to accommodate blow-off rates during peak fermentation on larger tanks and for a krausened lager that will likely not be generating a high rate of CO2. Using our Pro Sspunding Valve on a tank over 20bbl+ may functionally work but you could see reduced blow-down rates which may deliver inconsistent pressure during use.
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