How do I release pressure on Ss Brite Tanks?

While the Ss Brite Tanks do not have a conventional blow-off arm to relieve excess pressure like our Unitank series, you can still bleed the pressure via the fixed PRV (Pressure Release Valve.) This venting is useful for Pressure Transfers like kegging, bottling, or canning. Please be careful as completely removing the cap on a pressurized tank can cause damage or bodily harm. Please read through the entire process before attempting. The PRV has a cap located on the top of the PRV housing. You will need to support the PRV as you release the excess pressure.

  • For Threaded PRV models -The base of the threaded PRV has a location to place a wrench, You will hold the base of the PRV down with a wrench.


  • For TC PRV models - The clamped base of the threaded PRV has a narrow section below the vent holes to support the PRV. You will hold the base of the PRV down with your hand or a strap wrench.


Once supported you can slowly unscrew the top PRV cap. Once you hear the PRV start releasing pressure, do not turn the cap anymore. Monitor the pressure gauge and once you have reached your desired psi screw the cap back down. I have included a picture to show you the process. Just remember to slowly unscrew the cap until you hear pressure and stop, do not fully unthread the PRV cap.

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