Glycol Chiller Glycol type and Glycol mixing volumes

Folks often ask what kind of glycol or how much glycol they need for their new Ss Glycol Chillers.


You can achieve the best mix with 35% glycol, 65% distilled water. The easiest way to confirm these numbers is by checking it with a refractometer to 24.75 brix. You will want to use 100% ( or 99.99%) food-grade propylene glycol. I bought from "Froggie's Fog" on Amazon but you can also pick up from local draft supply stores.

The 1/5HP Chiller has about a 4.5-gallon reservoir. That comes to about 3 gallons of distilled water and 1.5 gals of glycol.

The 3/8HP Chiller has about a 10-gallon reservoir. That comes to about 6.5 gallons of distilled water and 3.5 gals of glycol

The 3/4HP chiller has about a 22-gallon Reservoir. That comes to about 14.3 gallons of distilled water and 7.7 gals of glycol. 


We recommend using the remaining glycol to premix a top off fluid in case of any spills.

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