1/3hp Glycol Chiller Replacement Parts

In order to better support our legacy products, we have compiled a list of electronics for the 1/3hp Glycol Chiller. These parts are readily available through BVL and other retailers even when Ss Brewtech may no longer offer them. Please refer to our Troubleshooting page and our Ssupport team before replacing anything to help narrow down the probable cause.




All of the 1/3hp Glycol Chillers feature the following part set:


  • The Overload capacitor is a Tecumseh K90-66

  • The Starting Relay is a Tecumseh K71-36

  • The Starting Capacitor is a Tecumseh K146-55



The 1/3hp Glycol Chiller offered one of two different brands of temperature thermostat controllers. The AKO brand is the MODEL AKO-13120 and requires the use of a gray power relay in it's housing. The Dixcell brand is the MODEL XRO2CX and does NOT use an additional gray power relay in it's housing. Please click here for the link below for the temperature controller specific manuals.




On the Glycol chillers with AKO brand controllers, there is an additional power relay in the controller housing. This is a Schneider Relay W9AS5A52-120. These are not used in the Dixcell brand Controllers.IMG_3222.JPGno_relay.jpg

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