Can I make Mead or Honeywine in Ss Brewtech Fermenters?

Our stainless steel gear is great for mead! Our kettles can be used to warm and blend your honey and then easily transferred to your fermenter via the ball valve. 

The Brew Bucket is the perfect vessel for mead fermentation and long-term aging. The obvious benefits over the older carboy include a more sanitary surface than plastic and is safer to handle than glass. Furthermore, the Brew Bucket's steel is non-oxygen permeable, so you don't have to worry about oxidation from long-term aging.

We have had many people ask about the Brew Bucket compared to the Chronical for mead. In fact, despite our love for the Chronical, the Brew Bucket is usually a better choice for mead purposes. Here are a few benefits:

  1. Yeast. Typically mead makers don't reuse their yeast from batch to batch, so there is less of a benefit to having the ability to easily harvest yeast. Plus, the Brew Bucket still has a conical bottom to minimize yeast contact with the mead once fermentation is complete. Same with the sediments that drop out!
  2. Fruit. Many mead makers use fruit to flavor their concoctions, unlike brewers, who more commonly use puree. Puree can change the color, clarity, flavor, and gravity outcome. For these reasons, many mead makers use whole chunks of fruit, which often float, so there is less benefit to having a lower dump valve to clear these types of byproducts that brewers need to clear. The Brew Bucket's racking valve is perfectly located in between the fruit layer and the yeast layer, to pull out the clearest possible mead.
  3. Sampling. Most mead makers like to sample their product or check gravity often to monitor its progress. With a carboy that usually involves pulling out a racking cane, or having to sanitize a thief, which is an unnecessary step. With the Brew Bucket, sampling mead is as easy as opening a ball valve.
  4. Bottling. For the same reason that sampling is so easy, bottling is even more beneficial since users don't need to risk additional oxidation from transferring their product to a bottling bucket.

We offer temperature control systems in the kits linked below:
FTSs Touch
FTSs Touch | Heating Pad
Chilling Coil Kit

Some like to drop out and dump yeast so they can continue to age before bottling so the Chronical Series makes sense for those folks. As for the Unitank Series, it would be overkill for most but if you would like to fully carbonate to sparkling before bottling, you will want to make that jump.

There is also a Brite tank available if you prefer to transfer over to secondary. Ss Brite Tank It can be great for chilling and carbonating if you want to split up your tanks so you can have more batches going at once.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, you are the best person to figure out what works best with your process but if you have any further questions just send us a ticket and we're happy to help!


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