Can I Pressure Transfer or Keg out of my Booch tank?


For pressure transfers, you can use your TC Airflow Lid port, a TC reducer (with both TC Gaskets (6/8" and 3") and TC Clamps (again 6/8" and 3") and our 3" Cap with 1/2" Blowoff, and a Pressurized Transfer Kit | Chronical BME kit. Although we do not offer an 8" to 3" reducer, they are available at our friends over at Glacier Tanks, links below! 

Gas In

8" TC Reducer for Half BBL and 1BBL OR 6" TC for 10gal 

3" TC Gaskets

8" TC Gaskets for Half BBL and 1BBL OR 6" TC for 10 gal

3" TC Clamps

8" TC Clamps for Half BBL and 1BBL OR 6" TC for 10gal

3" Cap with 1/2" Blowoff

Pressurized Transfer Kit | Chronical BME

Liquid Out

Butterfly ball valve -> TC Gasket ->TC Clamp-> Hose Barb | ⅜” to 1.5” TC -> 3/8" hose -> 3/8" barbed connector (usually a barbed ball lock quick disconnect or another Hose Barb | ⅜” to 1.5” TC.)

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