Can I chill my fresh brewed tea in the Booch Tank? What about CIP (Clean In Place)?

As far as chilling goes, we are working on a new Ss heat exchanger that is effective, hard to clog, and easy to clean, but the best option in the meantime remains a standard stainless steel immersion chiller (like Northern Brewers Silver Serpent Chillers.) We recommend staying away from copper chillers of all kinds, which can corrode over time from the lower PH of your tea.


For CIP Cleaning, You can use your TC Airflow Lid port, a TC reducer (with TC Gasket (6/8" and 3") and TC Clamp (again 6/8" and 3") and our 3" TC CIP Sprayball for blow off. Although we do not offer an 8" to 3" reducer, they are available at our friends over at Glacier Tanks, links below!

8" TC Reducer for Half BBL and 1BBL OR 6" TC for 10gal 

3" TC Gaskets

8" TC Gaskets for Half BBL and 1BBL OR 6" TC for 10 gal

3" TC Clamps

8" TC Clamps for Half BBL and 1BBL OR 6" TC for 10gal


This reducer will interface with both our 3" CIP Spray balls. Not Sure Which CIP Spray ball to purchase? Check out our CIP Sizing Guide for all the details on each Ss Brewtech tank by model and pump size!


The CIP sizing has more to do with pump size than the tank size but we generally recommend: 

The CIP | 3" TC | Spray Ball (Standard) for the 10gal and Half BBL Booch tanks

The CIP | 3" TC | Spray Ball (Pro) for the 1BBL Booch Tanks.


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