Do you have larger Kombucha gear for commercial and pro customers?

Our largest Kombucha-specific gear would be a 17gallon Half Barrel Chronical with our Kombucha lid add-on.


For single vessel tanks or kettles at volumes larger than that, we do not currently offer custom solutions right now. Many customers, such as our friends over at Sünnte Kombucha (Salt Lake City, UT) use many of the smaller brew buckets and blend batches together to taste! 

While we are exploring the kombucha market and working to develop products specifically geared toward kombucha producers, this is beginning more at the “homebrew” and “nano” level before we really offer full-on pro solutions. While we do not sell specific gear for Kombucha production at those larger volumes, you’re welcome to take a look at our Pro Brewhouse and Pro Tank pages and see what works for you. Most of our Pro equipment is currently designed for beer production and may not have specific features for Kombucha. It will be up to you to determine if/how this gear will work best for your processes.

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