Can I brew Kombucha with Ss Brewtech Fermenters?

On the Kombucha front, needs are a little different than brewing beer! The biggest thing is getting enough oxygen for fermentation.


We offer a few different fermentation vessels, the first being our original tanks the Brew Buckets! We offer these in 3.5gals, 7 gals, and 14gals. We think these are an optimal price per performance on kombucha since you have the 100% percent width removable lid that makes for easy SCOBY removal and plenty of oxygen exposure. These are a little less feature-rich than the other Ss tanks, but they are still a great way to move up into steel fermenters. We even offer a special Kombucha Lid that includes an airflow lid port with a mesh screen.


We also offer the Chronicals which come in 7gal and 17gal varieties. These offer the same benefits as the Brew Buckets but with taller legs as well as add a dump valve for removing any tea or proteins that may have fallen out of suspension. Please note that our Kombucha Lids are also compatible with the 7gal and 17gal chronical versions but the kombucha mesh screen can be added directly on the 6" TC lid port.


We offer an all-in-one Unitank in 7gal, 14gal, and 17gal which feature a smaller lid and dump valve but you can also oxygenate the brew AND seal the tank up for carbonation (after you remove the SCOBY) both with the included Diffusion Oxygenation and Carbonation Stone. The mesh screen can be added directly to the 6" TC lid port.


Additionally, we offer Brite tanks, which were originally designed for clarifying beer. They are not designed with fermentation in mind but can be used alongside our other fermentation tanks.  These Brite Tanks are still great for long-term SCOBY hotels or as blending and flavoring tanks or solely as a cold crashing and carbonation vessel.


Finally, we also offer Jacketed Unitanks/Brite Tanks. These unitanks and brite tanks also come double-walled in larger sizes like 1bbl, 2bbl, and 3.5bbl with glycol jacketing for temperature control that doesn’t have direct contact with the mother like Chilling Coil in the FTSs temp control kits, which some users prefer.


Our friends over at Sünnte Kombucha (Salt Lake City, UT), use many of the smaller brew buckets and blend batches together to taste!  As always, your process is part of what makes your brews great, so at the end of the day, you will have to be the one to decide what the best gear for you will be. Hopefully, this lays the foundation. Let us know what size volumes you see working best for your operation and we would be happy to recommend specifics!

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