Are you going to release a 110v / 120v electric brewing kettle or controller?

Not at this time. Current electrical and energy efficiencies are just not there to make electric brewing on a 110v/120v outlet worth it. It can take AN HOUR to raise strike water from room temps to appropriate mash temps and ANOTHER HOUR to raise those up to boiling on 110v/120v. If you boil during cleaning, this can take your 4-5 hour brewday and end up with an 8 hour brew day! At home! For a regular 5gallon batch! That's crazy! 

We worked on the idea for a while and decided that's just not a compromise we want to make even working with proprietary elements. So we shifted gears and sized the element and controller in both 10 and 20-gallon sizes to maximize a standard 240 VAC, dedicated 30 amp residential circuit.  As a result ramp times are quick, which work to shorten the brew day. Crafted from Incoloy 800 alloy, our element carries a higher resistance to heat and oxidation than standard stainless. 

We are committed to making the best eBrewing gear possible and that's just not something we feel you can do on a 110v/120v outlet.

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