SVBS - Single Vessel Brewing System VS 1V Kit - What is the difference?

"SVBS - Single Vessel Brewing System is designed as an all-in-one system that utilizes 240v electric for better brewing. 

This is our version of a stainless basket-style all-in-one system built to work with a custom touch controller. Single Vessel, Single Controller, Single Pump. The 1V System is similar, but the SVBS (all-in-one) uses a different kettle than the 1v Kit.

The SVBS is a complete all-in-one brewing setup that allows you to mash and boil in the same vessel. Single Vessel, Single Controller, Single Pump, all in one compact footprint! Unlike a basket that is plopped into a regular kettle, the SVBS is geometrically designed as a true single vessel unit with features like a sturdy mash basket, center mash recirculation pipe, bottom whirlpool inlet, flow control system with pinch valves inspired by our Pro Brewhouses, and a new touchscreen digital controller.

By contrast, 1V System is designed with an eKettle and eController to heat water for your mash and sparge and then boil your wort. It can easily be used alongside our InfuSsion Mash Tuns or for single infusion BIAB brewing. While it can be used for BIAB with heated recirculation, it was not designed for this purpose and you will need to add some additional gear to get reasonable results. Look for a mesh bag or have a stainless basket custom-made from someone like Utah Biodiesel, a decent brewing transfer pump,  and our recirculation manifold to help evenly distribute heat from the element throughout the mash.

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