SVBS - Single Vessel Brewing System VS 1V Kit - What is it?

We hear you loud and clear! You want to know more about our Single Vessel Brewing System and how it will be different than the 1V Kit. Here is what we CAN tell you about the Ssystem. 

"SVBS - Single Vessel Brewing System will be available Summer 2020.  Designed as an all-in-one system that utilizes 240v electric for better brewing.  More details coming soon."

This is our version of a stainless basket style all-in-one system built to work with a custom touch controller. Single Vessel, Single Controller, Single Pump. The 1V System is similar, but the SVBS (all-in-one) will use a different kettle than the 1v Kit.

The 1V kit being sold now is very much designed to be a brew-in-a-bag setup. 

Keep an eye on eBrewingthe Workshop and our social media for further announcements!


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