Can I use an induction burner with the Brewmaster Kettles?

No, induction burners will not work with the Ss Brew Kettle BME.

Induction burners WILL, however, work with our Standard Ss Brew Kettle. 

The standard Brew Kettle includes a layer of 430 stainless plate embedded in the tri-clad bottom during the manufacturing process. 430 Stainless is a ferritic stainless steel and is therefore magnetic (which is a requirement for induction heating to work). 304 stainless, which is an austenitic stainless steel, so it is NOT magnetic.

Induction burners work by running an alternating current through a coil of copper in the burner, which creates a magnetic field.  Long story short, the magnetic properties of the Kettle's base material creates resistance, which then creates heat.

So for any kettle to be induction burner capable, it must be magnetic, and our Ss Brew Kettle BME is constructed entirely out of 304 stainless, which is not magnetic. 

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