Do all the Chronicals on the glycol chiller have to be at the same temp, how does it work?

Each FTSs actual has its own dedicated loop which allows for different temps in each vessel.

The thermostat on the glycol chiller itself maintains the bath temperature at roughly 28 degrees.

To setup the system, all you do is put each FTSs pump in the glycol reservoir, run one length of tubing from the supply barb on the glycol chiller's lid to one side of the chiller coil on the Chronical, and then another length of tubing from the other side of the chiller coil back to return barb on the glycol chiller. You now have a full loop, consisting of a supply feed and a return feed.

During operation, the FTSs controller calls for glycol when the Chronical's temp rises above the set temp.

When the bath temp rises above the glycol chiller thermostat's set temp, the compressor will kick on and bring the reservoir temp back down.

That is it, it’s very simple and easy to use.

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