Are two stage heat exchanger available, (Ground Water and Glycol)?

All of our Brew Houses include a single stage heat exchanger, however, we have received questions inquiring about the capability of adding a second stage to our design package.  

While most users will never encounter a need for a second glycol-only stage, unless they are brewing mostly lagers. We have found the best way to enhance the use of the single stage unit is to add a pre-chill stage to brew house heat exchanger's ground water source.  

This is where a smaller, stand alone heat exchanger is added to the ground water source and then tied into the breweries main glycol system.  This gives the brewer the ability to modulate and knock down the temp of the ground water, which can significantly enhance the performance of the single stage brew house heat exchanger.

Furthermore, in this configuration, the brewer only has to worry about cleaning and sanitizing the single stage brew house heat exchanger, instead of an additional second stage unit that wort would also flow through.

Please inquire during your quote process about adding a pre-chill heat exchanger if ground water temps exceed typical norms, or a lower knock down temp is desired.   

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