Can I purchase your FTSs components separately?

Unfortunately, we are not able to sell our FTSs components separately.  

There are several key reasons why we will not make exceptions:

1.  We order and inventory our FTSs components as kits, and therefore don't change our purchasing quantities due to the popularity of a single item within a kit.  We commonly get asked to make an exception, however, if we did, we would have the remainder of the parts within a kit as spares that we would have to find a home for.

2.  The connections are proprietary.  We commonly get asked if our heater pad or pump are compatible with other popular brewing controllers.  They are not due to the proprietary connection between the component and controller. 

3. Power adapters.  We commonly get asked by users to purchase just the heater pad or two stage controller for a customers legacy FTSs system.  The problem with that is the original 2 amp power supply that was intended just to run the pump, cannot run the heater.  So you will be forced to purchase the entire upgrade kit so that the system functions properly.   

4.  We fiercely guard against our products being used in our competitor's products.  We take the time to design, integrate, and manufacture these components for users of our Chronical, Brew Bucket and Unitank Fermenters and Brites.  So we will not sell a coil or heater pad for use in another manufacturers products. Most stainless fermenter manufacturers don't offer temp control systems because they know what a large undertaking it is to bring a quality product to market. If you stick with our gear, you will always be taken care of!


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