10 Gallon Mash Tun Heat Loss Test

We recently received our first-ever 10-gallon Infussion Mash Tun return because the user claimed it lost an excessive amount of heat during the course of a 60 min mash-rest.  

This particular user insisted he was preheating the mash tun as prescribed in our literature, yet still lost roughly 6 degrees during the course of a 60-minute mash.  As most experienced brewers can attest, in temperate ambient climates, rarely do even uninsulated mash vessels see 6 degrees of temp degradation in 60 mins.  

We understand that one-off issues can happen, which is why we rigorously test every single product that we receive in return to improve our designs, process, and manufacturing strengths. Furthermore, an initial round of product testing is far from sufficient for us to declare a success, and then move on to other projects.  

In fact, every SS Brewtech product undergoes constant testing by our principals, employees, beta testers, and a myriad of discerning and experienced home brewers in the field.  We listen carefully to user feedback and consistently incorporate it into our designs. Which is why we believe our products bring together the perfect balance of cost effectiveness, innovation, and performance.

For users that are interested in our test results,

Please download the attached PDF below: 

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