Can a Brew Bucket FTSs coil be mounted in my Brew Bucket Mini?


If you have an existing Brew Bucket or 7 Gal Chronical FTSs system and would like to use it for your Brew Bucket Mini, it can be horizontally mounted inside similar to our Brewmaster Edition Chronicals.

Keep in mind that the coil is mounted inside two 17mm holes, which will have to be drilled directly into the sides of the mini.  Our drill bit retrofit kits are available on our website:

17 mm Carbide Hole Saw Kit

Start by measuring the distance between the coil's barbs, and mark those points precisely 45 degrees from the SS Brewing Technologies Etching mark on the front of the fermenter.  

The coil has very little clearance inside the bucket, so make sure to orient the first hole as high as possible to the top rim of the Brew Bucket Mini. We recommend that the top of the 17 mm hole be placed roughly 3/4" from the top rim of the bucket.

Drill the corresponding lower hole in the designated position, and remove any burrs from both holes with a common household razor blade.  Then start the coil installation process by inserting first coil barb in the lower hole.  The coil may need to flex slightly to enter the lower hole, this is completely normal and will not damage the coil.

Finally, insert the second barb into the upper hole and secure the coil with the included lock nuts.  The o-rings should mate with the interior wall of the bucket. 

See the attached picture for reference:

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