WARNING - Avoid over-pressurizing your Chronical during CIP operation.

CIP spray ball operation requires a relatively high-pressure pump, in a sealed vessel, with hot caustic solutions; three factors that should not be ignored for proper safety.

As a result, some pumps can cause an unsafe situation in a sealed Chronical due to the inability of liquid to evacuate the fermenter as fast as it is entering.  This can happen if the user has not opted to connect the Chronical's lower dump valve to their pump's supply feed.

Keep in mind that while the CIP spray ball inlet is only 1/2", a 50-100% increase in flow capacity is suggested to alleviate and avoid the buildup of pressure within your Chronical.  This means that users should have at least 3/4" to 1" fittings on their lower valves to divert the flow of liquids back to the pumps supply feed; ensuring that pressure does not damage the lid clamps.  Furthermore, it is recommended that users keep both racking AND dump valves open during CIP operation to further increase flow rate.

These precautions will ensure safe operation while using dangerous chemicals, in addition to avoiding damaging your Chronical.

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