Can I keg directly from my Chronical into my sealed keg's quick disconnect fitting?

In fact, you can keg directly into you corny keg's quick disconnect with a few different unique fittings.  

For standard Chronical owners, you will need to purchase a 1/2 MPT to a tri-clover adapter to transition your racking ball valve's threads to a 1.5" tri-clover flange.  This fitting is offered through Brew Hardware here:

Then, both standard and Brewmaster Edition Chronical owners can purchase this 1/4" MFL flare fitting that directly mates with the tri-clover fitting on their butterfly valve or newly outfitted ball valve.  This fitting is also offered through Brew Hardware:

Lastly, the flare fitting should mate up directly to common FFL flare adapters that mate with 3/16" beer line and corny keg quick disconnects. Keep in mind that to transfer to a sealed and purged keg, users will need a gas quick disconnect fitting attached that can vent the interior air volume.  

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