How do I add the 3/8" sampling valve from the Brewmaster Line to my standard Chronical?

We now offer virtually every feature included on our Brewmaster line as an add-on accessory to retrofit your standard line Chronical fermenter.  One such popular feature is the sampling port, located higher on the cone then the racking valve, which enables a cleaner hydrometer sample during active fermentation.  To add the sampling valve, you will need to purchase two accessory kits:

1. A 3/8" two-piece ball valve kit, which includes dip tube and o-rings.

2. A 17 mm hole saw bit kit.

After you receive your items, simply mark where you would like the ball valve to be located on your Chronical, since you can place it virtually anywhere you would like. Then drill the hole with the 17 mm hole saw, and install the ball valve with just one o-ring located on the exterior. The second o-ring is a spare. 

*For FTSs users, reinstall your neoprene jacket before installing the ball valve.  Then use a common household razor blade to score the neoprene where the ball valve will ultimately be located. Carefully remove any unneeded jacket material where the valve will need to penetrate the jacket, and then install the ball valve as described above. 

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