Why would I need the heater pad when I can just circulate warm water in the winter?

Hi Guys...
Really sorry for the 3rd email... The more I read the more confused I'm getting on the best product for what I need and want your opinion.
I mostly ferment ales and use my basement. Right now I use a fridge with a temp controller taped to my fermenting buckets.  In the summer the basement gets up to 80 but in the winter the basement drops to high 50's making my fridge pretty useless... 
I was really excited about the new product but figured the temp did not change much in my basement and could just use an aquarium heater to warm up the circulation water in the winter. I'm a little concerned after reading the FAQ about the coils being so high in the fermenter and with heat rising that it may create a temp gradient inside the fermenter.
Would I be better off with the new kit to avoid this?
Thanks again....love the chronicle bme.... Awesome product and can't wait to use it!
Ss Brewtech Response:
Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the new FTSs heating kit.  The heater kit was designed for this very purpose since heat radiates up, the heater pad will gently introduce heat to the cone which will in-turn move higher to overcome your basement temperatures.  This insures there are no "hot-spots" which can sometimes form when heat is introduced to the top of a large liquid volume.  This is especially important with ales because the most active yeast are top fermenting, hence the typically very large krausen layer.
Envision it this way, since heat doesn't travel downward very easily, the surface of your beer could be easily 5-10 degrees higher depending on the heat source water before the thermowell begins to register a change and ultimately cycle the controller off.  With the heater pad, it is just a matter of minutes before the thermowell begins to register a temperature change, this ensures you don't constantly overshoot your set-temp or create hot-spots.
Let me know if you have any additional questions! 
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