How do I setup a basic recirculation loop?

To start you will need a few additional accessories to effectively recirculate your mash.  
Starting with the recirculation bulkhead (Standard on newer 10 and 20 Gal), this fitting is installed near the very top of the mash tun's inner and out wall and allows a return feed back to the top of the grain bed.  
To install the bulkhead, you will need the hole saws included with our DIY retrofit kit and the step-by-step instructions
Once you have that installed, you can either use your main ball valve as your supply feed to your pump, or you can opt for a T-fitting that installs between the ball valve and mash tun if you plan to leave the recirculation loop intact while you begin the lautering process.
Lastly, since the sparge arm can't be used without keeping the mash tun's lid removed, which isn't ideal because of the heat loss you will experience during a 60 min mash, you will need the recirculation manifold which gets placed on top of the grain bed inside the mash tun.
Finally, you will need a few connection barbs for everything to link up to tubing.  
Starting with the outside of the recirculation bulkhead, which requires a 1/2" FPT barb. On the interior of the recirculation bulkhead, you will require the 1/2" FPT lock nut with 3/8" barb to connect to the recirculation manifold.  Finally, depending on if you plan to use the T-fitting or your ball valve, if you don't already have one, here is a 1/2" MPT barb for the ball valve. 
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