How do I rotate the racking valve on my Chronical?

We have received several questions on what is the best practice to successfully rotate the racking arm and valve on a Chronical fermenter without losing the seal or spilling any beer in the process.

1.  Start by loosening the tri-clover clamp to the loosest point where the threaded screw still can't be disengaged from the clamp body.  This will prevent the clamp from falling off and the seal holding your precious concoction from breaking and spilling onto the floor.  

2. With a firm grip in one hand, grab your ball valve or butterfly valve, and then begin to slowly rotate.  With your other free hand, hold both ends of the clamp body, essentially ensuring that you didn't over loosen the clamp. This minimizes the risk of the clamp falling off even if you did over loosen it. Keep in mind that the silicone gasket can sometimes stick, so once you overcome that initial inertia, it should rotate quite easily. 

3. Rotate to the desired position and immediately re-tighten the clamp screw to ensure that nothing comes loose during transfer.  If done properly, you should not have spilled one drop of beer since the silicone gasket stays engaged. 

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