FTSs2 Controller Quick Reference Guide for Settings

To access the advanced menu, hold the SET key for at least 3 seconds, and then use the up or down arrow keys to select a menu code.  
Once you select the menu code, use the up and down arrow keys again to change the code value, and then press the SET key once more when your final selection is made.  (NOTE: If your controller does not show the FC menu code, please click on this link).
Celsius of Fahrenheit
Menu Code: FC
Factory Default is F
Heating or Cooling
Menu Code: HC
Factory Default is C
Hysteresis Setting
Menu Code: D
Factory Default is 1
Temp Calibration Setting
Menu Code: CA
Factory Default is 0
Delay Protection Setting
Menu Code: PT
Factory Default is 0
Upper and Lower Limit Settings
Menu Code: HS
Factory Default is +299
Menu Code: LS
Factory Default is -44
Some models also have the following:
Timer On/Off
Menu Code: DL
Factory Default is Off
Timing Mode
Menu Code: U
Factory Default is Off
Decimal Place
Menu Code: ST
Factory Default is 10
Upper and Lower Alarm Settings
Menu Code: AH
Factory Default is 0
Menu Code: AL
Factory Default is 0


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