The Thermowell is in Close Proximity to the Chill Coil, Should I be Concerned?

With our new Brewmaster Edition Chronicle Fermenters, the chill coil is mounted vertically and adjacent to the thermowell that is located virtually front and center of the unit.  

As a result, examining the interior of the unit, the thermowell appears in closer proximity to the chill coil than in our standard FTSS layout.  

Users should keep in mind that depending on the type of brew, beer is roughly 90% water, which retains good temperature mobility properties.  

Furthermore, we designed the chill coil with more than enough surface area to rapidly heat or cool the liquid volume within the fermenter.

The bottom line is that as there is very little liquid volume between the chill coil which is situated in the center of the vessel and the side walls for temperature variations to persist.

Lastly, in our own testing, we have not experienced unrealistic temperature shifts or short pump cycling that would be symptoms of a thermostat in close contact with the chill source.  

In fact, collecting separate temperature measurements, we concluded that significant hot or cold spots did not exist anywhere in the vessel as a result of this new design layout.

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