Should I consider a 15 gal kettle even if I mainly do 5 gal batches?


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Yes, if you plan on sticking to 5-gallon batches, then a 10-gallon brew kettle will fit the bill nicely. High gravity beers are more of a mash tun (MT) volume issue than a brew kettle issue. Envision it this way, for higher gravity brews you are naturally going to need more MT space to account for a larger grain bill, so I would recommend a 10 gallon MT to go along with your 10-gallon brew kettle.

Furthermore, even high gravity beer where you want to do an extended 90 minute boil, you can still get 8-9 gallons into the kettle without risking a boil-over, which depending on your boil off rate should be good down to 6ish gallons of a finished high gravity wort.

I will say this though, I've met a lot of guys that swore they would never venture to 10-gallon batches, that ultimately moved to half barrel batches! Just something to consider if you're rounding out your system with some new gear. It's easy to brew a 5-gallon batch in both a 10 and 15-gallon kettle, but you will never get a 10-gallon batch out of a 10-gallon kettle. Same goes for fermenters. Just some food for thought.



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Contact Form Submission:

Name: Chad

Body: Hi,
I've been researching boil kettles for some time and am drawn to your
product. I am currently doing partial grain/extract batches (5G) but
eventually want to cross over into all grain. I have read the FAQ section.
At this point, I prefer to do 5G batches and don't see myself switching to
10G batches. I am trying to figure out 10G or 15G brew kettle. Thoughts?
Would the 10G be fine with high gravity beers as well?


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