Hysteresis default setting = 1

The default hysteresis setting should be 1.  Here is some recent back and forth on a support ticket about hysteresis setting:


Hysteresis is the difference in which the thermostat turns on and off. The FTSS hysteresis should be set to 1 as the factory default to maintain the 1 temp resolution within the fermenter. Mitch is correct, I just tested an off the shelf unit to double check and it doesn't allow the user to toggle to 0. The RST button does default to factory settings, so you should be good to go Julio.


On Nov 19, 2015, at 09:46 AM, Ss Ssupport Team <support@ssbrewtech.com> wrote:

Hi Julio
As I recall that is a typo… the default is actually a 1 and you can’t set it to zero…
Michael – do you know off hand that is true / the case??

From: Julio Rincones-Gamboa 
Date: Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 9:43 AM
To: Ss Brewtech <support@ssbrewtech.com>
Subject: Resetting the FTSS unit

Hi, I seem to have entered a value on the hysteresis settings by mistake and would like to return it to the default conditions however your manual does not tell me how to reset to factory settings.

In the manual it says hysteresis is set to 0 and it got set to 1 by mistake. Holding down the Rst button seems to do a reset but upon entering the menu, all old values (including my cooling settings) are still present.


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