How to mount FTSs coils INSIDE the fermenter and retain your domed lid


For those of you that want to move your chiller coils inside the fermenter body itself and for those of you that are enterprising and handy enough to wield a drill. Here are some best practices for 7 and 14-gallon Chronical owners.

The volume markings are placed 180 degrees from the center front of the vessel, so you want to measure out your drill location at 160 or 210 degrees from the center front of on your Chronical.  That way you have adequate space, and you don't inadvertently drill through the markings.  14-gallon owners, take care to position your first hole between the rear leg and markings.  

You can choose which side of the etched markings you prefer to have the coil on, just use personal preference. Just FYI, The BME Chronical has the chiller coil positioned on the right side of the markings when looking at the from the of the unit.

Once you chose a side, measure about 1 inch up from the seam between the cone and cylinder.  Then drill your first hole there.  Finally, measure your chiller coil barbs, they should be roughly 8.5" apart.  Finally, measure and mark the hole perfectly vertical from the first hole and drill the second hole.  You can use a household razor blade to remove any burrs.   That’s it, you're done with the holes! 

As for the neoprene jacket, just a small couple of incisions with an Exacto knife and job done. 

Half Barrel owners, please see the PDF download below for the more comprehensive install.



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