What size pump should I use with what size CIP Ball?

The CIP ball was designed to integrate with common brewing equipment utilized by many home brewers.  
CIP balls are most effective with as much volume and pressure as you can feed them, that way the ball evenly distributes PBW to all the crevices of the fermenter effectively, removing caked-on yeast or trub. 
The CIP ball includes a 1/2" MPT input, where a quick disconnect, hose barb, or another connection medium can be added.  The CIP sizing has more to do with pump size than the fermenter size but we recommend :
At the very minimum, we recommend the CIP | Micro Spray Ball with a pump flow rate of at least 7 gallons per minute (GPM) (like the Pump | Chugger Stainless Head) for vessels 30 gallons and under.
CIP | (full bore) Spray Ball with a pump flow rate of at least 10-17 gallons per minute (GPM) (like the Pump | Chugger MAX Stainless Head) for vessels 31 gallons and over.
However, magnetic drive pumps can sometimes have trouble building a desirable amount of pressure that larger utility pumps can easily muster.
For this very reason, we tested our own solution using a High Temperature 1/5 hp submersible utility pump and were very pleased with the results. 
The bottom line is; the larger the pump, the better the results. 
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