Is a Chronical fermenter good for making meads?

Got this note from head brewer of a local brewery that owns a Chronical:

“In my experience using a conical to make my own mead has lead to cleaner mead flavor that lets the honey varietal shine more than the yeast due to the reduced contact. This allows you the ability to use very light honey such as raspberry blossom and not lose the delicate floral and fruity aromas that would never normally survive the aging process. I personally use a conical for the entire fermenting and aging process to avoid any oxygen update during transfer. I do this by holding the temp after ferment at 36 to 40F and continually dumping yeast about once every two weeks for 3 months or until the product is “star bright” - this may seem like a lot of dumping and lost product, but after the first couple of dumps you are only shedding off about 0.5-1.0 fluid oz each time. The use of a clarifying agent such as Isingglass will also reduce the losses.”

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