Can I use the pressurized transfer fitting you sell for blow-off ?

There is nothing stopping you from running a 3/8" line off of our pressurized transfer fitting and using as a blow off , no ...   That said the diameter of the outlet tubing on that fitting is narrower than we'd recommend for most beers - especially those that have the potential of going volcanic on you or where you expect the krausen to get up to the lid level and beyond.   Just like we recommend using a dedicated blow-off fixture (or just 1/2" ID tubing straight into the lid) on our Brew Buckets  - on the Chronicals you really should be using a 1.5" TC to 1/2" hose barb (which we sell on our Ssite in the accessories section) clamped on top of the lid and running out to your blow off vessel with 1/2" ID silicone tubing (which we also sell).

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