Can I use the pressurized transfer fitting you sell for blow-off?

In short, the answer is yes!

You can run a 3/8" line off of our pressurized transfer fitting and use it as a blow-off hose.

That said the diameter of the outlet tubing on that fitting is narrower than we'd recommend for most beers - especially those that have the potential of going volcanic on you. If you are expecting a high krausen fermentation we would recommend going with a larger diameter.   

We recommend using a dedicated blow-off fixture (or just 1/2" ID tubing straight into the lid) on our Brew Buckets.

The Chronicals should be using a 1.5" TC to 1/2" hose barb elbow ( 1.5" to 1/2" Barbed to 90 ) to prevent kinks. Clamp this to the top of the lid and run 1/2" ID silicone tubing ( Silicone Tubing ) off that barb. Now you have a kink free blow off tube setup. 

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