I've got a stuck sparge. Problem with false bottom?

Nothing is wrong with your false bottom  - don't worry about that.

Lots of things can play into a stuck sparge:

1) If 5% or more of the mash is flaked or rolled barley, wheat, corn, oats, rye, or there is a lot of sticky malt types such as Spelt malt, then rice hulls MUST be used.
2) If the grain crush is too fine, or the mash temperature is too high - it can happen with ANY malt
3) Doing too much vorlauf, which over-compacts the grain bed
4) Using a pump (especially in RIMS setup) which can REALLY compact the grain bed.
5) Sparge water that is hotter than 170 degrees

This is a link to a pretty good article on the subject:


It is 18 years old, but still holds true today.



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