HERMS/ RIMS for Infussion Mash Tuns?

If your intent to use a HERMS / RIMS system on our Mash Tun is to maintain constant temps, then our default response to that is you probably aren't used to a Mash Tun that has such minimal temp decay /loss during mashing.  

We, in fact, are of the belief that typical HERMS / RIMS setups will introduce more temp variability into the system than our mash tun itself will provide and there is in fact in our opinion no need at all for a complex and expensive HERM/RIMS unless you are wanting to do step or decoction mashing. 

As to whether modern grain varieties even need or benefit from a step or decoction mashing is a hotly debated topic and we won't "go there"  -but let's just say we here at Ss are fans of straight infusion mashing for our typical brews.  

That said, we totally get and respect that brewing is all about variety, diversity, experimenting, and doing whatever the heck YOU want to do with your gear and your beer!  We get that!  And we will "go there"!

We will be making a HERMS/RIMS recirculation bulkhead that will come standard on the 20-gallon mash tun and can be user fitted to our 10-gallon mash tun. This bulkhead, alongside a lower T Fitting, will allow users to add a fully functioning HERMS/RIMS setup to our line of Infussion Mash Vessels.  

In fact, since the vessel is already insulated, you won't believe how quickly temperature ramping occurs as a result of the minimal heat loss. 


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