I accidentally pushed way too much pressure at my Chronical and I blew a few lid clamps! Now what?

We recently had a guy say he forgot to reset his regulator and threw like 30 psi suddenly at his Chronical before he could even react/think and then "pop" - his lid was dislodged and a few lid clamps were bent. 

First - We should say that this was a design and SAFETY feature when we designed these lids and clamping mechanism!  For this very reason, Even with a pressure relief valve installed if you push 30 psi suddenly at it, it won't keep up with the onrush of pressure. We also do not want shrapnel type injuries with our customers.  So now it is spring clamp to the rescue - as those are designed to deflect/bend in high-pressure situations.   

We've done lots of destructive testing here in house and worst you ever get is a muffled "pop" sound when usually just a few of the clamps go (leaving other clamps engaged enough, by the way, to keep the lid from flying off also.

In mild cases, you can just bend the clamps back into shape and they'll work fine.  You can see an instruction on how to safely bend them back on our Bucket / Chronical pages.  In more extreme cases if they are just super blown up (like our 30 psi guy), then you need to send pics into support@ssbrewtech.com and after review, we'll send you out some replacement clamps.

All you need to do is cut off your old clamps with wire/bolt cutter or Dremel cutter. Then the new clamps just clip right on by hand - no tools needed at all.

Then you are back in biz good as new, just like that! 

Moral of the story - don't toss high pressures at these guys - they just like to push beer across to your kegs. Not for carbonating! 


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