Trying to push or transfer beer to keg or secondary higher than your Chronical?

Here is a snippet from our Support/product folks back to a customer that was trying rack off his beer (under pressure) to a secondary that was sitting significantly higher/ above his primary fermenter.

Remember that each 1 foot above the outlet of the fermenter equates to roughly another half psi!  

Chronical series fermenters are not band clamped and they aren't designed for doing carbonation or super high pressures - nor are they designed to push beer way above the outlet port of the fermenter itself.  

Typical transfers should be done at similar plane/level and or slightly below where possible - but certainly not where you are needing to not only push the beer out but push it way UP.  Depending on how much up, that might cause issues (venting from pressure relief valve, stress on the clamps, etc)


Here is an example:

Hi John,

I see that you are pushing your beer above the fermenter. In this case, depending on the height, you are adding about 0.43psi per every 12 inches above the outlet of the fermenter.

So I can see how you need the extra pressure to make the transfer. The design of the fermenters was ideally planned to do either horizontal transfers or transfers where the secondary is below the primary fermenter.  



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