Can I use FTSs on BrewMaster Bucket?

Sure, can!  

The only difference between a regular Bucket and a Brewmaster is the addition of a thermowell and LCD thermometer on the Brew Bucket itself.  

The positioning of the thermowell is low enough in the Bucket body it DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH THE CHILLER COIL OF THE FTSs.  And you just end up with extra temp display.  

Please note however the Bucket jacket doesn't come with a hole cut out for the thermowell that the BrewMaster Bucket has.  Not to worry, just take an exacto blade and make a small incision (1/8" inch approx) and you'll be good to go.   A minor deal and not possible for us to make / stock two custom jackets for Buckets and if we make a standard with a hole, and a regular Brew Bucket customer puts on their Bucket then they have hole showing the stainless there.   So this is just a design decision we had to make.  


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