Is there free shipping to Alaska or Hawaii?

Indeed we do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, but we move those packages via USPS (as it is way too expensive to Fedex / UPS) And no, we don't do free shipping to these two states as the incremental cost is too much for us to unilaterally absorb. So what we have done is add a surcharge for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii that represents the net difference between what we would have paid on average to free ship something to the lower 48 and what it actually costs us to ship to AK / HI. So for example let's say our real average cost to Fedex for a Brew Bucket to the middle of the country (Denver) is $17 bucks. And let's say it costs $37 bucks to ship to Alaska via USPS. So on Shopify when you check out there would be a $20 dollar shipping charge. These are not real numbers and are for example only so you understand that we are indeed giving you a significant discount which is equivalent to “free shipping” as we apply a nominal credit to the real and actual shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii.


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