Is there a way to adjust the lid clamps on a Chronical series fermenter?

There is a really easy and effective way to adjust the lid clamps if you ever feel the need. Keep in mind that the clamps are made of high quality spring steel and the clamp itself is welded on. More often than not any variability you feel in the clamp resistance as you engage it is due to how you installed the lid gasket and whether or not it is more bunched up on one side versus the other.

The lid gaskets are intentionally designed to be a hair wider than the actual diameter of the lid they sit in, so that they don't pop out when wet and lubed. But one side effect of that is unless you kneed and massage the gasket in the lid to smooth it out, then you may end up with a high spot in one place and a low spot in another. Simply run your fingers or thumb around the entire circumference of the gasket a few times and it will find its way in there pretty evenly.

Anyway - back to the clamp adjustment itself. Just hang the clamp hook over the edge of the bucket / conical and use two screw drivers (one pointing into the middle of the fermenter and one parallel with the side - in a cross configuration) to torque to the desired position. Here is a picture of how to do that below (bottom)

And if you really mess up your clamps somehow, we can provide a replacement set by request. Please contact us on the support page and we'll help you out. But 97% of the time just a simple tweak will get them set right and engaging firmly!



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