How do I do pressurized transfers out of a Chronical fermenter?

We recommend you buy our pressurized transfer fitting from our accessories shop on our site.  

This part has a built-in pressure relief valve that is designed to vent your Chronical if pressures surpass the 2-2.5 PSI range.   Please CLICK HERE for more info on this part.  This is to insure that an overabundance or buildup of pressure does not cause damage to the Chronical’s lid clamps. 

Begin by completely depressurizing the CO2 system, typically by dialing the regulator down to its lowest setting. Next, run a length of tubing from the CO2 regulator to the Chronical’s pressurized transfer fitting.  Then run a length of sanitized tubing from the Chronical’s racking valve to a freshly cleaned and sanitized keg.  Begin by opening the racking valve first.  Once the racking valve is open, slowly increase the regulator’s pressure output until the gauge registers roughly 1-1.5 PSI.

For more details, be sure to check out our Pressure Transfer/Kegging Guide on the Quick Start Guide page of our website linked below!

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