How do I keg from a Chronical fermenter?

If you are wanting to do pressurized transfer into your keg, then we recommend you by a special TC fitting we designed (and sell up on our site) just for this purpose and it eliminates the need for a T fitting/pressure gauge, etc  - because we just built in a pressure relief valve right into the fitting itself so that you don't have to worry about pressure.  It will work for any fermenter with a 1.5" TC flange.  

CLICK HERE for more info on this part from our accessories page.

If you are going to use a more traditional setup for pressurized transfers (and not our custom part), then please read through the below.

Here is a quick 3 minute YOUTUBE that is a must watch if you are doing pressurized transfers.  

Make sure that you are using a proper pressure gauge (not a 0 to 60 psi gauge)  We are pushing beer at 2 psi, those gauges can't even pick up 2 psi).  Make sure to set your pressure offline from the fermenter Some people have accidentally just hooked up straight to the fermenter and without checking your regulator tossed 15psi right inside the Chronical causing it to rupture.

The best method to go INTO the keg, from the 1/2" ball valve is to get a 1/2"NPT to 1/4" Hose Barb fitting. 

Then hook that fitting to a Hose with a BEER OUT Ball Valve adaptor (We are assuming you have already flushed the Racking Arm with some beer to get rid of yeast)

You want to fill the keg from the bottom up.

Be sure to Purge your keg's beer out line of liquid and purge everything with CO2

Before you connect the beer line to the keg, purge the line.

To do this, run some beer through it, to remove any O2 that is in the line.

Let the beer set in the line for 5-10 minutes to "absorb any O2.
Then dump the beer out of the line.

After you have done that, hook it to your keg.

Be sure to keep the lid of the keg opened OR put a "Gas In" ball valve on that side to vent the gas out as you fill the keg.

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