Before Using Your Equipment: Cleaning Guide

First Time Cleaning

Pre-Clean: Prior to first-time use, thoroughly wash all surfaces of the vessel, including all valves and fittings, with Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) in hot water, mixed to the manufacturer’s recommendations (the brand Savogran recommends dissolving 1/2 cup TSP in 2 gallons of hot water.) Scrub with a soft cloth (don't use anything abrasive) and after the initial TSP wash, rinse thoroughly and dry all surfaces. Check out our TSP Cleaning FAQ article for more info!

Passivation: It’s good practice to periodically passivate all stainless-steel equipment with an acid-based solution to establish a uniform passive oxide layer that will maximize corrosion resistance. Following the pre-clean step, fill the vessel with hot water (at 140-180°F) mixed with Citric Acid (at a concentration of 4% by weight) for at least 30 minutes (up to 2 hours.) Drain, dry, and rinse with purified water. Most tap water contains various salts and chlorides (either naturally or for taste) which can undermine the passive oxide layer you just worked to create. Check out our Passivation FAQ article for more info!


Brew Day Cleaning

Cleaning and Sanitizing: As part of a regular cleaning regimen, both pre and post-fermentation, wash the Interior surfaces of your vessel with hot water and an alkaline cleaner such as PBW. Then sanitize with hot water and an acid-based sanitizer like Star San. Check out our Cleaning FAQ and Sanitization FAQ articles for more info! Please review dosage and disposal requirements for all chemicals before use.



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